Car Accidents

Benefits of Chiropractic after a Car Accident

Car accidents can leave you excited and confused at the same time that you survived the accident. This is a situation that most times leaves those involved in the accident disregarding signs of injuries that they might have sustained during the collisions. Failure to pay attention to your body after an accident may lead to chronic conditions that only show up later and can cost you money and time to treat the injuries.

When you see a chiropractor for your car accident treatment, they will take x-rays. This is to check the source of the injury and pain. They will also discover how the bones are misaligned. They will be able to work at getting your spine lined up the way it ought to be. Many people do not realize it, but a minor car accident can put your back totally out of alignment. Consulting a doctor for pain medication only covers the pain; this means after some months your back will start hurting again even though you thought it was fixed.

In addition to fixing your back, car accident treatment with your chiropractor in Plantation will help you to understand you how to strengthen your back muscles. You want to do this since it will reduce your chances of having your back go out of alignment. A chiropractor also specialized in soft tissue issues, which causes a problem after an accident. There can be damage to these tissues; therefore a chiropractor will work with you to repair the tissues naturally.

Although pain after a car accident may be felt anywhere in the body, the most common are neck injuries due to the way we are anchored into our vehicles. Though we may be strapped in by the body, our heads have to remain movable. Hyper flexion-hyperextension injuries can affect the soft tissues in the neck. Here are some reasons why you should see a chiropractor after you have been involved in a car accident.

1. Chiropractic Treatments Are Not Invasive: You don’t need to wait for days, weeks or months before you can get treatment for symptoms and injuries that show up later, consequently resulting to costly procedures, your chiropractor will assist you to ease the burden by using non-invasive treatments. Massage, heat and ice packs, exercises and stretches are some of the most used techniques in chiropractic treatments. They provide fast pain relief and tackle underlying symptoms before they become major problems, which is costly to treat through invasive surgeries.

2. Some Injuries Are Not Obvious: Cuts, broken bones and bruises may be easy to identify, but others, such as whiplash may not be that obvious after an accident. Adrenaline levels spike after a collision and this can end up disguising symptoms and pain. A chiropractor makes use of the necessary procedure to discover, reduce swelling, minimize pain and control damage. This will help you with a long recovery process and avoid painful moments because the symptoms are caught early. An injury caused by car accidents includes whiplash, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and headaches. A Plantation chiropractor can provide pain relief to ensure overall healthy living.

3. Making a Successful Claim Is Possible: An insurance claim might not be the initial thing you think about after you have been involved in an accident. However, it may be very essential. When you contact a car accident chiropractor, you will have an easier understanding of linking the injuries to the accident so you can get the compensation that you deserve. Waiting too long to get diagnosis and treatment will make it harder to prove that you got the injuries from the accident.

4. You Get To Avoid Chronic Conditions: If minor injuries are left untreated, it can either develop into more serious medical conditions or heal without needing any medical treatment. Quick chiropractic care helps you take the guesswork off your injuries and enhance the chances of speed recovery after the accident.

5. You Will Avoid Pain Medications and Needles: Chiropractic care approaches the injuries and pain with natural pain management procedures before resolving to anything else. Apart from getting rid of pain, the method increases blood flow and strengthen muscles getting you the benefits that you may not have enjoyed when using medication.

6. Chiropractors Are Musculoskeletal Specialists. Seeing one as soon as you can after an accident can help you to heal as quickly as possible while reducing damage. They will perform a comprehensive exam and physical assessment which include X-rays. After a minor accident, the curvatures in the spine are straightened, especially the neck or cervical spine. The soft tissues may heal with scar tissue, but the spinal curvature will remain straightened. This may cause osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. This can be prevented if you get your spine evaluated after a car accident.

Car accident injury must not be ignored irrespective of how minor it looks. Choose the best Plantation chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment in the most effective natural way. If you are involved in an accident the sooner the better on treatment, there is no time limit. Older injuries can also be helped through chiropractic care.

Medical Benefits of Chiropractics after a Car Accident

Chiropractic is a treatment which influences the body's ability to heal itself without surgery or drugs. Chiropractors treat nervous system and musculoskeletal problems which occur as a result of an accident. Chiropractics have now achieved a credible and genuine method of treatment. Many physicians advocate chiropractics and many insurance companies offers coverage.

The spine is the major regulator of movement. Ligaments and muscles attached to the back of the spine influence the movement of the spine. Chiropractic care has helped patients from all walks of life. Patients have found pain relief from conditions which may include spine related to pain such as bad posture, cervical back pain, whiplash, and constipation. A chiropractor works the spine, massages the body and offers stretching exercises, eliminating pain providing patients with more comfort so they can perform daily activities.

Chiropractic Care Can Provide Medical Benefits Which Include:

Neck Pain: Chiropractics can help to relieve neck pain from a car accident. Chiropractors can perform neck alignments, and there has been a low rate of problems arising from the treatment. But, because there are some health risks when engaging in a neck alignment, it is essential to contact professional and experienced chiropractor for chiropractic treatment such as the Plantation chiropractors at Quantum Medical & Wellness Center.

Improve Flexibility: When you add to that trauma which is caused by your car accident, you may find those daily activities such as bending over to tie your shoes become difficult. A chiropractor can assist you to get mobility back by manipulating parts of your body so that your joints and bones are aligned correctly. Proper alignment will limit your pain and improve your flexibility and coordination. Chiropractors make use of different techniques to improve your blood circulation, aid alignment and improve your overall body function with ultrasounds including manual manipulation, trigger point therapy, and electrical stimulation. Also, a chiropractor may suggest some exercises for you to perform while at home to help increase your flexibility and strength.

Back Pain: Chiropractic care can benefit patients with back pain and such treatments as physician care and physical therapy. Chiropractic care will help you to reduce back pain which allows the stimulation of healing. Chiropractors most times work with medical experts to make sure the patient is getting the needed care. If you have a severe back injury, you may consult a physician before undergoing chiropractic care.

Improved body Function: Chiropractics can help with body processes as well as improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients, increased circulation, reduced muscle spasms, improved flexibility and assists the body with repairing, relaxing and speeding up the healing process. The result will lead to better physical performance, improved immune system function, boosted energy improved nervous system function and an overall healthier person. Chiropractics also puts importance on fitness and nutrition programs, and lifestyle and wellness modifications for sustaining mental and physical health after an accident.

Just like any other treatment, when thinking of taking advantage of chiropractics, contact your Plantation chiropractor at Quantum Medical & Wellness Center who specializes in the spine. Make sure you ask the chiropractor different questions. He or she will explain the treatment procedure and will explain the importance and will let you know if there are any risks involved. When undergoing chiropractic treatment, always report any negative or positive reactions that you are having during and after an adjustment. Ensure to always listen to a Chiropractor's advice and recommendations so that your recovery process will be successful.

Who Will Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

A minor car accident may cause a lot of damage to the spine, neck and soft tissue in the back. An accident may throw an individual by a great force against the seatbelt. Sometimes problems may start to develop days or weeks after the accident. This is why, it's essential to seek care immediately.

A Chiropractor Can Assist to Provide Pain Relief

Many people that live with neck or back pain are scared that their only choice is muscle relaxers or pain killers. But, chiropractic care can offer relief and you don’t need to use any medications. In the course of treatment, the patients will be given a plan and methods such as massage, muscle stimulation and manual adjustments to reduce the pain.

Many chiropractors will perform a thorough test at the first visit and they will outline the whole chiropractic treatment procedure to ease the pain or suffering. It's essential to follow through with the plan to make sure that you’re relieved of the pain. Once you’re feeling better, and you see the benefit you can start maintenance visits to keep your problems at bay.

Chiropractic Care Can Improve an Imperfect Range of Motion

If you're having issues after your car accident moving your arms, legs, neck, back or shoulders, a chiropractor can assist you to enhance the range of motion by strengthening the muscles. You can ask your chiropractor if you should be doing some physical exercises at home to help boost the treatment. However, if you're having pain when performing these exercises, stop until after you consult your chiropractor. This pain can be as a result of doing the exercise too much. Therefore, it's vital not to push yourself too much because this can lead to further injuries.

When you have a limited range of motion because of a car accident and you’re experiencing pains, contact your Plantation chiropractor to get a chiropractor you're happy with so that a treatment plan can be implemented immediately. You will be amazed at how great you’ll feel with the help of a chiropractor in Plantation at Quantum Medical & Wellness Center.


Recovering from the shock of a car accident may be a difficult experience. Often, chiropractic care can help you recover from your injuries by improving your range of motion and flexibility. You can visit an experienced chiropractor to see how you can benefit from their expertise. You can also set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer if you feel you should be compensated for your suffering or pain.

If you have been injured in a car accident, contact Quantum Medical and Wellness Center at 954-370-1900, we offer the best chiropractic care. Dr. David Popkin is a Chiropractor who can help patients live a pain-free life, whether the problem starts with a car accident, everyday pain or a sports injury. To schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, kindly call us at 954-370-1900.

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