How Can I Determine If I Have a Pinched Nerve?

When surrounding cells, muscles, bones, tendons or cartilage apply extra pressure to a nerve, then a pinched nerve condition may exist. This strain strengthens the nerve's role, causing tingling, weakness, numbness or even pain.

A number of areas inside the body could experience a pinched nerve. A nerve that is pinched in your wrist may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome exhibiting numbness and pain in your fingers and hand.

By resting, along with other therapies, the majority of people bounce back from a pinched nerve condition inside a couple of days or at most, a few weeks. There may be times when surgery is required to alleviate the discomfort from the condition of a pinched nerve.


The symptoms of a pinched nerve include:

  • Burning, sharp or aching pain, which might radiate outward
  • Paresthesia which is a sensation of pins and needles or tingling
  • Muscle fatigue in the area in question
  • A feeling frequently that a hand or foot has "gone to sleep"
  • When sleeping, the issues credited to having a pinched nerve could worsen.

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